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We are dedicated to improving the lives of those with a hearing impairment and we take great pride in helping people get back the gift of hearing—there is nothing more gratifying. Our patients have given us a 5 Star rating on Google with close to 100 reviews. Read what some of our Charlotte patients have to say about our staff and our clinic!

Read a Few of Our Google Reviews

We are rated 5 out of 5 stars based on 149 reviews on Google.

Read what some of our patients have to say about our staff and our office!

Audibel Hearing Center is the place to go if you know you need hearing aids. Also, if you are tired of asking friends or family to repeat themselves, set up a hearing exam.... Trust me.... I waited 10 years too long to get a set of hearing aids.... Don't do that. Set up an appointment with Audibel Hearing Center, you'll thank me later.

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MotorPhotoCycle Shoot_n_Ride, on Google

Thorough hearing exam. Danny was very knowledgeable about hearing issues. He shared solutions to my hearing problems and put no pressure on me to make a specific choice. In fact he recommended a model that was $800 cheaper than I was initially considering. I feel good about the entire process.

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Lewis Franks, on Google

Daniel Pearce was very friendly, knowledgeable and professional. He administered the hearing test, explained the results and then explained types of hearing aids and insurance payment. I appreciated his guidance and was able to make a decision on a hearing aid. Thank you, Daniel!

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ann garrison, on Google

I am so happy I chose Audible Hearing Center over otther places I looked. There was no comparison. Danny and his staff are great. I've had the same hearing aids for 6 years without any problems. I definitely recommend them for anyone needing hearing aids!

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Vicki Williams, on Google

Danny and McKenzie are quite simply the best at meeting the needs of their patients hearing needs. My appointment yesterday was with McKenzie. She was very thorough and professional during my checkup session. She cleaned my devices, adjusted the volume and made sure that both devices were in perfect working order. She answered all my questions, brought me up to speed with the current hearing aid technology and made suggestions for future equipment enhancements. In addition she took the time to gather up my insurance company information as it relates to coverage for future device purchases. McKenzie is very knowledgeable about the hearing aid market and she is definitely someone with whom you can trust to give you reliable information. There are a LOT of options today for the purchase of hearing aids. I'm here to tell you that McKenzie ( and Danny ) are true professionals and wholly trustworthy. I highly recommend both of them for your hearing care needs.

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John Sink, on Google