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I Highly recommend Audibel Hearing Center for their excellent Hearing Aid knowledge, Sales and Service. Danny helped us out several years ago at the Pineville-Matthews Rd. location by repairing my Mother-in-Law's hearing aid. She was delighted and so were we to be able to once again carry on normal conversations. When it came time to replace her Hearing Aid Danny was again very helpful in guiding us in purchasing, fitting and adjusting the best hearing aid for her one and only "Good Ear". At 95 she has now lost more of her vision but thankfully she can hear great which is such a blessing. Thank you Danny, Makenzie, and Lee for all your help.
John Stevens, on Google+
Just left Audibel from my 3rd visit. Can't say enough about what a pleasant experience to have with caring people like Daniel and Lee. It's like talking to family. Daniel has help me understand my hearing problems and has done a grest job of restoring my hearing to the level of enjoyment of my younger days (i'm now 75 years old). I had forgotten what beautiful music really sounded like. And the clear sweet voices of my grandbabys. Thank you.
Robert Freeze, on Google+
I have worn hearing aids for almost 31 years. I have never been more happy with an audiologist or hearing aid as I have been with The Pearce's . They have been so helpful, knowledgeable, kind, and understanding and accommodating to all of my needs and schedule. I cried the first day I wore my new hearing aids, because for the first time in my life I could hear like everyone else, if not better. I am so glad I took the time to find the perfect audiologist and finally a good hearing aid company that puts its clients first.
Becca Wright, on Google+
I have been going to Danny for my hearing aids needs for about 3 years. Initially, Danny repaired and maintained my Anthem Gold hearing aids I bought in 2010 from another Audibel location. I was very reluctant to give up them until they were no longer strong enough to help my profound hearing loss. Danny allowed me to try two different types of new hearing aids (behind the ear & CIC), but I still would not give up the old set. Finally, he suggested a set of A4Gold, ITE Aids and I liked them better than anything I have every had. I had to visit Danny's office numerous times (20 Plus) to get them dialed in for multiple noise and listening environments. Danny and his staff have always been very considerate and patient while working through each of my problems. He was always willing to go that extra mile to help me. He would even ride in my car with me, or stand outside near the street noise, or even go into a restaurant so we could tune the hearing aids for my hearing comfort. I had multiple drop in or emergency visits with no appointment, but Danny always took care of me. In short, outstanding professional service, satisfaction guaranteed. We even had my mother-in-law fitted by Danny, which improved everyone's quality of life in our family.
Robert Stanley, on Google+
After trying three different sets of hearing aids, the Audibel aids are by far the best and most clear hearing aids I have ever tried. Danny and Makenzie clearly have the art of hearing aids down to a science. I like the fact that you always work with the owners directly and not a commissioned sales person. They are the real deal! I truly suggest to my friends who have a hearing problem to go to Audibel to get the service and sucess with their hearing they were always looking for.
Suzanne Purnell, on Google+

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